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Traveling back in time with Bisbee's architecture

You'll become enamored with Bisbee's preserved architecture making you feel as if you've traveled back in time. In fact Bisbee might be able to claim that it has the highest concentration of architectural styles per square inch in all of Arizona. Some of these varied styles include Italianate, Neo-Classical, Baroque Revival and Carpenter Gothic all working together to create our unique environment.

Like a vein of copper running through the Mule Mountains, a vein of architecture runs through Tombstone Canyon meandering it's way up Main Street. Architect Bob Vint shares why Bisbee's buildings are special in design and character.

Strolling through Bisbee's streets and staircases, you'll find that no two buildings are alike. Enjoy spending some time looking at the architecture as you'll see so many design details that modern buildings are missing. If only these structures could share the stories they've experienced through the years.

Do you have a favorite building in Bisbee? If so, share in the comments below

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