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Take a Hike: get out and celebrate the Earth

April 22 is formally designated as Earth Day in the United States and more than 190 countries worldwide. Of course, you may celebrate the Earth any day.

When you’re visiting in and around Bisbee, the app is an excellent resource. It lists general information about the following and other hikes in our area as a good way to experience the outdoors in the fresh Sky Islands air.

Bisbee 1000 – The Great Stair Climb. This 4.5-mile course features nine staircases (over 1000 total steps) connected by winding roads. We think this is a great way to experience Old Bisbee at your own pace.

Youngblood Hill Is generally considered a moderately challenging route. Check out this 1.7-mile out-and-back trail that begins in downtown Old Bisbee.

Chihuahua Hill (B Mountain) is a well-traveled 1.6-mile moderate, picturesque, informal trail, popular with the locals that is a short hike to the top of Chihuahua Hill.

North Tombstone Canyon is a 3.7-mile hike that starts in historic downtown Bisbee and takes you along a trail just north of town. The trail is part streets and partly a moderately difficult trail. This trail has some spectacular views of the historic downtown area. The trail is a little rough in spots and can be a challenge to follow without a trail app that has GPS.

Old Bisbee and Juniper Flats Loop. Head out on this 5.0-mile loop trail at the west end of Bisbee. It is generally considered a moderately challenging route that takes an average of two-plus hours to complete. 

The San Pedro House, a historic ranch house restored by the Friends of the San Pedro River, is a bookstore and gift shop run by volunteers located between Sierra Vista and Bisbee within the San Pedro Riparian Conservation Area. Try this 1.9-mile loop trail, which is generally considered an easy route that takes an average of 30 minutes to complete. The area around the San Pedro House features interpretive signs which inform visitors about various native plants, riparian areas, watersheds and aquifers, and wildlife.

10 Essential Safety Tips for Every Hike

1.      Plan for an Overnight (Even on Day Hikes)

2.      Let Someone Know Where You’re Going

3.      Research Your Route in Advance

4.      Bring Snacks and Extra Water

5.      Don’t Interact with Wildlife

6.      Start Your Day Early

7.      Know What to Do in Bad Weather

8.      Stay Dry

9.      Carry a Whistle

10.  Don’t Wear Headphones While Hiking

Additional “before you go hiking” information from the US Forest Service

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