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Welcome to the Haunted Town of Bisbee

From haunted inns to seriously creepy cemeteries, there's nothing quite like learning the intriguing history of a place famous for ghostly sightings—especially around Halloween. In Bisbee you’ll find all of the above! For those craving something a little frightening this fall, head on down to Bisbee.

Photo by Julius Schlosburg

What People Are Saying


Fifteen miles north of the Mexico border, Bisbee was at one time one of the world's most productive gold, copper, zinc, and lead mines. Check out the Bisbee Seance Room, set in Magic Kenny Bang Bang's Victorian Parlor, where you'll hear about the historic haunted history of Bisbee. The Old Bisbee Ghost Tour is a great way to experience the town after dark. Want to know the other most haunted spots in the U.S.? Real Simple has you covered with places all over the country, find your road trip plans here.


Spend the night at a Bisbee haunted hotel, such as the landmark 1902 Copper Queen Hotel. Guests and ghost hunters often try to prowl the upper floors in search of the hotel's resident spirits—a tall caped gentleman, an ethereal dancing woman and a young giggling boy. Find all the haunted spots in AZ.

Photos by Josiah Q. Roe

Experience it for Yourself


Enter Magic Kenny Bang Bang's Victorian Parlor, and get whisked back in time at the Bisbee Séance Room! Learn the haunted history of Bisbee, AZ, and meet some of its most infamous ghosts in this one-hour, theatrical séance show. Showtimes are every Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings at 6PM, 7PM, 8PM, and 9PM. This month marks the 5th Anniversary, so celebrate with them and make your reservation today before they're all booked up!


The Old Bisbee Ghost Tours will offer you the full haunted history of Bisbee. Walk through town and learn about the spirits of the past. You can even join them for their Haunted Pub Crawl the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.

We asked them to share an experience with us, and some of the scariest ones have all been captured from the Bisbee Inn/Hotel La More. Just read below to understand why:

"The Bisbee Inn is infamous for its ghostly activity and people from all over the world stay here to experience it. It is believed that one of the ghosts was once a mortal who perished in the original building’s fire.

Room 15, which is the middle European room on the second floor, has a ghost that likes to rest in bed next to its guests. It is unknown if this ghost is a male or female, but it gets into bed with both male and female guests. When the guests staying there feel someone climb into bed with them, and they jump out of bed, they claim to see an indentation of a body on the mattress.

Room 11, which is also on the second floor, has had guest’s toiletries thrown off the shelf and the bathroom door slam shut. A gentleman, who always stayed in that room while golfing in nearby Naco, had this happen to him on three separate occasions. The last time it happened, he told the owners he could no longer stay at their establishment because the paranormal activity was too much for him to handle."


Established in 1892, Evergreen replaced the Old City Park cemetery in Brewery Gulch, which was upslope from the drinking water wells. Several astute folks of the late 19th century suggested that such a situation might pose a health risk to the early residents of Bisbee. By order of the Common Council of Bisbee in 1914, the transfer of the residents from the old cemetery to Evergreen had begun. Today, there are over 10,000 burials in the cemetery now located in Lowell.


Looking for a scare this Halloween season? Book a stay at the Bisbee Inn or The Copper Queen Hotel for your own experiences, and learn the haunted history from some of our best local guides.

Have a spooky experience of your own you want to share? Comment below and tell us about it.

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Albert Dexter
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