The Ultimate Guide for an Awesome Bisbee Adventure

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Traveling to Bisbee soon? Here is the ultimate guide for your trip. Whether you're an explorer, a shopper, a partier, or a hiker, this guide caters to everyone no matter what kind of traveler you are. So get out your pen and notepad because you're about to find out how to have the best trip possible in this historic town! 

1. The Culture Seeker: The Culture Seeker is the kind of tourist who likes to uncover the culture of their destination. Friendly and laid back, they connect with the culture by sniffing out the local historical museums, restaurants, and shops for souvenirs. If you're a Culture Seeker yourself, check out Destination Bisbee to find the highest rated places to eat, sleep, shop, and play. Their online map will guide you through Bisbee’s hottest spots so you can have the best cultural experience possible!

2. The Competitive Thrill Seeker: The Competitive Thrill-Seeker is the adrenaline junkie that travels wide and far to compete in the world’s highest bungee jumping competition or the world’s fastest cycling race. They seek out the most challenging activities and attempt to to break world records. If you’re ready for a thrilling challenge, check out Bisbee Vogue Inc. for the most popular upcoming competitions, including the annual Bisbee 1000 on October 20th. Arguably one of the most challenging and unusual event in the world, The Great Stair Climb is a 4.5 mile course featuring 9 staircases (over 1000 total steps) that wind through some of the most scenic parts of Old Bisbee. Perfect for those Competitive Thrill-Seekers! Pick up the Stair Climb map from the Visitor Center any time!

3. The Active Adventurer: The Active Adventurer is the outdoorsy type who loves to discover the beauty of a new destination through nature. They make their fondest travel memories by hiking, skiing, and spending time outside. Discover your next adventure with The Bisbee Tour Company, who will guide you in finding the best activity fit for you. Discover Bisbee on a golf cart tour, e bike tour, or on a guided hike with sky high views of the town. Or pick up a guided walking tour from the Bisbee Visitor Information Office.

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