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Mile High Magic for the holidays.

Nestled in at a mile high, Bisbee stands out in Arizona as the idyllic town to visit this season. A storybook scene awaits you with the allure of glowing lights, live music and a chance of snowfall. Picture yourself sitting by the warm glow of an open fire. Shopping, dining, entertainment, and lodging are all wrapped up in historic charm. Bring the whole family to make memories of a lifetime.

Bisbee is dressed up with festive cheer and ready for you to start planning your magical holiday getaway.
Support small businesses this holiday.

Main Street boasts a unique collection of shops where you will find antique stores, original art galleries, specialty food markets, trendy boutiques and family friendly establishments. There are no corporate chains that exist in Old Bisbee, there is a commitment to keeping Bisbee’s shops locally owned and operated. When you shop here you are truly supporting local.

Find the perfect holiday outfit at Classic Rock Couture on Main Street.

Learn about the history of Bisbee.

Take a tour of the Copper Queen Mine, head underground and back in time. Plan ahead and be sure to make reservations.

Visit the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum. At the center of town holds the heart of Bisbee's history. Take your time exploring the first rural Smithsonian affiliate museum.

The Bisbee Arts & Cultural District is the vibrant and visible face of the City’s creative soul. Explore public art, galleries, music and more within the district.

Set out on foot to explore Bisbee's stairs.

Walk Bisbee’s Heritage Stairs. One of Bisbee’s most magnificent architectural achievements are the countless concrete stairs that cling to the steep canyon sides. Lack of flat land and the need for miners to reside near their workings led to the construction of hundreds of hillside homes beginning in the late 1870s.

Plan that special holiday night out on the town.

For such a small town Bisbee’s restaurants are bountiful. Eclectic cuisines offer everything from street food to fine dining. Be sure to inquire about regional wines from Arizona and make it a point to stop into Bisbee’s breweries. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or carnivore, there is something to satisfy all taste buds. There is plenty of outdoor seating and patios to enjoy Bisbee’s wonderful year-round climate and to experience the sights and sounds of a bustling downtown.

Enjoy a locally made brew at Old Bisbee Brewing Company.
Catch some live music in Old Bisbee.

Bisbee is known for having a good time. Many people come to Bisbee to hear great live music. Local establishments put an emphasis on bringing the very best musicians to town and there is quite the impressive array of homegrown performers as well. On almost any given night you are sure to find street musicians, as well as local and traveling bands that will make your memories truly magical. Let the rollicking begin. What happens in Bisbee stays in Bisbee but it sure does circulate quickly among the locals as word of mouth is no joke here.

The Quarry Bisbee often has great live music every weekend.
Bisbee is the perfect place for a sweet holiday experience. Come for the weekend sometime this season. Bundle up, grab a hot drink and share in the joy.


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