Meet the Creator Who Made Bisbee the Best Small Town Library

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We couldn't be more proud of the Copper Queen Library for being awarded the Best Small Library in America 2019 from Library Journal. The Copper Queen Library is the oldest in the state, being founded in 1882 as a way to bring more civilization to the wild west town after the mining executives arrived and found a man hanged from the night before.

In 1885, the library had its own building. The library was located on the top two floors, with a community gathering space on the middle floor, and the post office located at the bottom. The layout remains the same today with the library offering the middle floor for gatherings and children programming.

In 1906, the books and bricks were removed to begin a new building designed by local architect Frederick C. Hurst. The library reopened in 1907 and began servicing the community once again.

The library continues to be a source of community engagement, outreach, and education with the work of the library manager Jason Macoviak.

Photo by Julius Schlosburg

We wanted to highlight our library manager, Jason Macoviak, and kick off our series of #bisbeecreators, who put in the creative work to make Bisbee the wonderfully creative place it is!

Jason made his move to Arizona 15 years ago when he came out from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His first stop was on the Western Express to Ajo Arizona, smack in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. After living four years among the saguaros, he made the move to Bisbee, Arizona where he made an instant connection to the historical and creative vibe of the town.

Jason says that working at the library is the most creative job he's had and he loves finding new ways to create through this avenue.

"Since a library is more than just a collection of books, one of the first things that I did when becoming the library manager was reimagine and rethink the physical space of the building, creating two new reading rooms that encourage patrons to sit, read, converse and take in the ambiance of our 112 year old building," Macoviak says.

Photo by Julius Schlosburg

His work as the library manager and the programs he has brought to Bisbee with the help of his library staff is what got Bisbee the accolade of Best Small Library in America.

"One of the most important aspects of my job is to work with staff and other organization to create programs to help foster community and conversation within Bisbee and to promote literacy and create lifelong learners."

Read more about our library manager and other creators in the area with our new website page, Bisbee Creators, and follow our social for more updates on the amazing locals we have in Bisbee!

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