Keith Kifer, the Blues Wizard, and Our Next #bisbeecreator

If you've been to Bisbee, you have probably seen or heard the Blues Wizard playing somewhere in town. What you may not have noticed was his unique looking instruments that have a purpose all of their own.

Four years ago, Keith Kifer, moved to Bisbee and opened up his shop Lunatic Fringe Luthier. The shop centers around musical instruments created from recycled and upcycled items such as a suitcase guitar, hubcab guitar, gas tank bass, harmonica megaphone, mustang hubcab cello, and sonotube bass. His passion is to keep music alive and items from going to the landfill. Keith says he was drawn to Bisbee for the "artistic vibe that is a great incubator for creative thought and action."

"A successful move to Bisbee requires that you have

the basics of life handled before your move.

If you have an artistic bone in your body, Bisbee

will grow that flicker into a flame."

If you haven't met Keith or visited his shop, be sure to swing by Subway/Shearer Street to meet the legend next time you're here.

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