John Acosta, Second Generation Miner and #BisbeeCreator

How long have you lived in Bisbee?

I was born and raised in Bisbee when mining operations were still active here. My father was an underground miner here and was able to support my mother, sister and four brothers with a nice quality of life. I left for 25 years to work for that same mining company and was able to support my  own family. I am back living it up in my hometown for the past 15 years finishing up my career. I plan to retire here and volunteer my time to keep Bisbee a destination for others.

What do you create?

My creativity is to host cultural events in our beautiful community. It’s a win/win opportunity that brings people together and gives our proceeds to our local charity organizations. The Bisbee Mariachi Festival, which is now a regular annual event, was created in 2015 and supports our local Homeless Shelter. Larger events are in plan to bring talented professional music festivals to Bisbee. Being a border community, Bisbee is a perfect place to host these type of events that can be shared with our friends throughout Arizona and Mexico.

What's your favorite thing about Bisbee?

Its architectural layout, cultural freedom, mining history, beautiful people, and great climate. I realize that’s five but only because it’s impossible to have only one favorite thing about Bisbee.

What is a piece of advice you would give to a visitor or someone thinking of living here?

If you are visiting, one day is not enough to see all the hidden treasures of Bisbee. I’ve never known anyone that only visited once!

 If you are thinking of living here, you will be welcomed with open arms and can join in making this town a loving, peaceful community that can be shared with future generations.

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