Creating a Beautiful and Sustainable life in Bisbee

One thing most visitors may not see upon first glance, is that Bisbee is full of an array of creative projects with a heavy focus on sustainable building. There are opportunities for you to visit as an artist in residence or come and learn multiple styles of natural building in the Sonoran Desert. Follow along with how these locals are leading the way in creating a sustainable life in Bisbee.

Lunar Landing

Our #BisbeeCreators Jim Purvis and Angela Rockefeller moved to Bisbee in the Spring of 2018 with a vision of creating a space for artists to visit, explore, create and learn about a multitude of skills!

"Upon visiting Bisbee we immediately felt drawn to the creative energy and welcoming nature of the town and it’s inhabitants. I found an abandoned house at the end of a dead end street. I saw lots of work cleaning up and rebuilding after years of neglect, but more than anything I saw an oasis for Luna to land and a building to house a shop, studio and yoga space." Learn more on their website here.



Starting as the first artist in residence at Lunar Landing, Julianna Thomas and Derren Crosby now have a space of their own in Bisbee. Have a look at their video that highlights their first year spent visiting and integrating into Bisbee.

This chapter of their story begins with the contruction of a tiny home called, CasaVia, located just south of Bisbee Arizona. Stay tuned for more information about their cobb/adobe building workshops, work-away programs and artists retreats by following their website here.


Viviendo Sin Fronteras

Be inspired by another #BisbeeCreator who is an architect, mom, sustainable builder, and so much more. Valeria Sedono-Lora moved to Bisbee a few years back from South America, and has been creating a home in Southern Arizona with her family. Now she works to make sustainable living accessible to all. Watch their YouTube channel to learn more about their amazing project.


Ransom Ranch

One of the first to get their start on this list, Ransom Ranch began in 2008 after the founder, Marcia Gibbons moved to Bisbee in 2004 and purchased the land in 2007. Gibbons focuses on many forms of sustainable building and sustainable arts. The ransom ranch property is home to a paper-crete building, paper-adobe building, a straw bail structure, and three Earthbag domes-which have been built largely through workshops and work-aways to spread the knowledge of natural building. Learn more about the project on their website and stay up-to-date with the journey on their Facebook page.

Have you been inspired by other Bisbee creatives working on sustainable living?

Comment below with some of your favorite natural builders and creatives in Bisbee.

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