The #BisbeeCreator Through the Eyes of the County

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Photo by Julius Schlosburg at the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum

Recently, the Cochise County Tourism Council did their own take on a #BisbeeCreator

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Bisbee - a historic mining town turned artsy-culinary-antiquary as seen through the eyes of local character guide: Boyd Nicholl Former curator turned Bisbee "knowtable, Boyd Nicholl has lived in the town for 41 years.

A photographer by trade, Nicholl taught photography for 20+ years before working as a newspaper photographer and then taking on the photography curator position at the Bisbee History and Mining Museum. There, he was responsible for their collection of over 25,000 photos. After roughly 13 years as Curator, he became a guide at Lavender Jeep Tours for another 13 years. Taking Bisbee visitors around town - sharing his immense knowledge of Bisbee and Cochise County.

Self proclaimed "silly", Nicholl likes to have a good time, which helps him be the entertaining guide that he is. "It's neat to be an expert on something as specific as Bisbee," he said. Presently, Nicholl is focused on abstract work in Bisbee. But he loves exploring the Huachuca Mountain canyons, washes around town, and visiting Douglas for photo opportunities.

His advice to visitors? "Get out and walk. Particularly in Bisbee, with its staircases and winding streets. And in the County, explore the canyons. They are truly beautiful." Nicholl retired three years ago to return to photography - which he's been doing for over 60 years now. He is available for tours to provide insight about Bisbee. Nicholl is just one of the many characters Cochise County's communities offers to make your tour more unique! Let Cochise County Tourism and Economic Council know if you are interested in booking a character guide with your tour.

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