5 Places to Treat Yourself Right in Bisbee

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

You deserve to be treated right, so why not take matters into your own hands? Give yourself the treat you deserve as you explore the dining goldmine of Arizona: Bisbee. Bisbee is known for its abundance of homemade local treats and the finest dining, but it can be an overwhelming place if you don't know the best shops to stop by. Here is a list of the top 5 places we recommend you seek out during your visit to Bisbee.

1. Chocolate: You'll never find anyone who will treat you better than Alison and her husband Stan. This lovely couple from Bisbee creates boxed truffles, chocolate bark, dipped fruit, and hot chocolate with their own hands, the freshest ingredients, and finest chocolate. Made with regional ingredients, these tasty treats contain no chemicals or artificial flavorings—only the real deal. Whether you're looking for a "thank you" gift, an "I'm sorry" gift, or just a gift for yourself, Chocoláte should be your next destination.

2. Bisbee Coffee Company: Need a new coffee spot that we can guarantee you'll like a latte? Stop at the Bisbee Coffee Company on your way through town. Since 1996, Bisbee Coffee Company has been brewing and roasting the most distinctive coffees in the world to the most distinctive guests in Old Bisbee. With blends from countries like Kenya, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Sumatra, and Yemen, Bisbee Coffee Company is about the most cultured a coffee company can get.

3. 31BEUX: Not a coffee person every day, and need some tea variety in your life? Do you enjoy live entertainment and fast wi-fi? This place is just your cup of tea. 31BEUX uses organic and responsibly-sourced ingredients to make the tastiest homemade treats and beverages for both coffee and tea lovers. With plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, this delightful cafe has everything you could want. Start treating yourself!

4. POCO: Looking for the most local, homemade, mouth watering Mexican food in the Valley? POCO is one of the Bisbee community's favorite spots to unwind and listen to live music on the weekends. Treat yourself and your friends with the best menu in town, riddled with ominous vegetarian and vegan options.

5. St. Elmo's Bar: Opened in the historic area of downtown Bisbee in 1902, St. Elmo is the longest continually run bar in the state. If you're looking for a raunchy night out with your friends to throw back some drinks as you take turns singing Karaoke, there's no better place to go than here. St. Elmo's features live bands and performers every weekend, so don't forget to check their lineup as you line up to have some fun!

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