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Welcome to Bisbee. Stroll its sidewalks and find delight in the many art galleries, gourmet restaurants, coffee houses, book stores & specialty shops. Visit the charmingly restored neighborhoods of Victorian and European-style homes perched miraculously on the hillsides. Unwind...relax...and find soothing respite from your everyday world. This will be your one stop online portal to everything Bisbee.

Bisbee Visitor Center
Located in the Queen Mine Tour building

478 Dart Road
PO Box 1642, Bisbee, AZ 85603
Ph: 520-432-3554 or 866-2BISBEE;


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The only one of its kind in the state of Arizona and the only ghost tour in Bisbee

given by a Bisbee Native. Perfect for people who have trouble walking or for those

 Perfect for people who have trouble walking or for those

who just don’t want too. You will ride in the safety and convenience of a lit golf cart

and visit haunted sites documented in Francine Power’s book,\

“Mi Reina: Don’t Be Afraid”.  Published in 2004.

Along with haunted history you will also learn true, historical information along the

dark and curvy streets of the old mining town. You will be driven to haunted sites

including a house that because of the paranormal events that occurred there, the

Catholic Church’s Tucson Diocese became involved and documented their

supernatural events. You will also enter a haunted inn with many eerie reports of

several ghosts lurking in its rooms and halls and visit a neighborhood where ghostly

visitations have disturbed Zacatecas Canyon for decades.

We have 5 seats, but if  we need more room, we will take out another lit golf cart

seating up to 8.  $25 a person, group rates available.  Tour times are

6 p.m. and 8 p.m., Friday and Saturday and start at the Bisbee Tour Company’s

golf cart depot located in the Bisbee Convention Center’s parking lot located

at #2 Copper Queen Plaza. The tour is approximately 1 ½ hours. Reservations

must be made in advance. You may buy a ticket at our office inside the convention

center or call 520.559.1448/1401.  You may also buy a ticket on our website


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Copper Classic Car Show Photo Credit -Steve Pauken

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